Month: February 2011

Kenny Barron – Voyage

Below is a lead sheet to Kenny Barron’s great tune “Voyage” off the album Serenity with Stan Getz.  I highly recommend picking up this album, and also Anniversary and/or People Time, both of which feature Kenny Barron on piano.  Solid stuff.  Voyage is filled with standards – “On Green Dolphin Street”, “I Remember You”, and “I Love You”, and is a good listen.  Even though my all-time favorite Getz album is Stan Getz & the Oscar Peterson Trio, the collaborations with Kenny Barron are a close second.  Anyway, here’s the tune:

Bud Powell – Wail

Below are 2 different lead sheets for Bud Powell’s tune “Wail” off the album The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol 1.  One lead sheet contains the piano intro at the beginning,  but takes up 2 pages, and the other version doesn’t include the intro, but is only one page long.  So… here they are

With intro:

And without:

Freddie Hubbard – Dear John

Below is a lead sheet to the tune “Dear John” written by Freddie Hubbard off his album Bolivia.  The album isn’t my favorite, but it features some real heavy hitters – Cedar Walton and Vincent Herring – and also has the tune “Bolivia” on it (obviously).  It’s an original melody over the changes to John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”  The chords in the first two bars aren’t exactly right, and it’s driving me nuts… but this is the best I have right now.  Enjoy.

Bud Powell – Dance of the Infidels

Below is a lead sheet to Bud Powell’s tune “Dance of the Infidels” from the album The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1.  Quick note about the lead sheet – the last two bars of the tune are omitted during the solos -the tune is a 12-bar F blues with a few substitutions thrown in.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of this album – it contains some great Bud Powell tunes such as “Bouncin’ With Bud” and “Wail” (an E flat rhythm changes tune), and a ridiculous cover of “Parisian Thoroughfare.”

Body and Soul – John Coltrane reharmonization

Below is my transcription of John Coltrane’s reharmonization of “Body and Soul” off the album Coltrane’s Sound.  Easily one of my favorite Coltrane albums, Coltrane’s Sound also features fantastic tunes like “26-2” (Trane changes over Charlie Parker’s tune “Confirmation”), “Satellite” (Trane changes over “How High The Moon”), “Equinox”, and the great ballad “Central Park West.”  In order to keep the lead sheet to 1 page, the tune stops at the end of the bridge – the last A section has the same changes as the first A, so I figure it’s redundant to include the last A section if it makes the lead sheet spill over into another page.