Month: November 2011

The Kicker – Joe Henderson

Last post of the night – still with the Horace Silver theme.  Below is a lead sheet to Joe Henderson’s “The Kicker” as played on the wonderful Horace Silver album Song For My Father.   The notations at the bottom of the staff are the rhythm section hits – I know it muddles up the lead sheet a little bit, but I couldn’t think of a better way to convey this information and keep it to one page.  Enjoy!

Blowin’ The Blues Away – Horace Silver

Happy Thanksgiving all!  And apparently it’s Horace Silver day, since I have been combing through the archives and have found a fair amount of Horace Silver stuff to upload – so let’s get started.  First is a lead sheet to the tune “Blowin’ The Blues Away” off the album of the same name.  Enjoy

C Jam Blues – Oscar Peterson’s Solo

This is another early transcription I did, this time it’s of Oscar Peterson’s solo on the tune “C Jam Blues” from his fantastic trio album Night Train.  With backing by Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen, this album seriously swings.  As the title suggests, the tune is a blues in C.  The first four solo chorus start out with a 4-bar break where bass and drums lay out.  The remaining choruses are straight ahead 12-bar blues form.  Enjoy!


PDF available on Box for download.

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Freddie Freeloader – Wynton Kelly’s piano solo

This solo is near and dear to my heart – it’s the first solo I ever transcribed when I started learning jazz piano.  This is Wynton Kelly’s piano solo on the Miles Davis tune “Freddie Freeloader” from the incredible album Kind of Blue.  The tune is a Bb blues with a slightly different turnaround – it goes to an Ab7(#11) chord for the last 2 bars.  Enjoy!

Birdlike – Freddie Hubbard

Alright, one of these days I’m going to go through backlog and post a bunch of stuff.  But, alas, that day will not be today.  So, here’s a quick and dirty lead sheet to Freddie Hubbard’s tune “Birdlike” from his fantastic album Ready For Freddie.  The album also features Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, and Elvin Jones (among others) and is definitely a solid investment – hours of listening pleasure to be had there.