Month: February 2012

Freddie Freeloader – Wynton Kelly’s piano solo w fingerings

Hello again, all.  Tonight I’m rehashing an old post by adding fingerings.  Of course, it’s probably best to find your own fingerings since everyone has different size/shaped hands, but if anything trips you up, here are some suggested fingerings.  You may notice that the fingerings are heavy on the 1/2/3 and light on the 4/5, since my fourth and fifth fingers are grossly underdeveloped.  Not enough Hanon, I suppose.  Anyway, here it is:

He’s Dead Too – Jerry Bergonzi – Lady Bird contrafact

Below is a transcription of the melody to “He’s Dead Too“, a tune by Jerry Bergonzi.  The tune is a contrafact of Tadd Dameron’s tune “Lady Bird” (see also: “Half Nelson“).  “He’s Dead Too” is from the Alex Riel album “Unriel” which is a pretty solid album, featuring Mike Stern on guitar, Eddie Gomez on bass, Michael Brecker and Jerry Bergonzi alternating on sax, and Niels Lan Doky on piano.  Enjoy!

Oleo – Miles Davis’ solo transcription

Hey again.  Doin’ pretty good this week.  Below is a transcription of Miles Davis’ solo on the rhythm changes tune “Oleo” off the record Bags’ Groove.  This great album features Sonny Rollins on tenor, Horace Silver on piano, Percy Heath on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums.  Check it out!



Killer Joe – Curtis Fuller’s solo

Hello again – here’s a short but oh-so-sweet solo by Curtis Fuller.  Proof that so much can be done with so little – just 16 bars, but so much style.  As a piano player, there’s a lot I never learned to properly notate, so my apologies on the lack of articulation markings.  But really, there’s so much in this solo that can’t be properly notated.  What really does it for me is the night and day contrast between the legato quarter note triplets and the detached eighth note lines.  When he hits the concert C in bar 10, it’s right out of the park!  And there’s a nice quote from “Old Devil Moon” in bars 12 and 13.  This solo’s got it all.  So, some background information.  The tune, “Killer Joe”,  is from the album Meet The Jazztet.  For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the jazztet, they consist of Art Farmer (trp), Benny Golson (sax), Curtis Fuller (trb), McCoy Tyner (pno), Addison Farmer (bass), and Lex Humphries (drm).   Pretty serious group.  Anyway, enjoy!


Cherokee – Clifford Brown’s solo

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, all!  What better way to celebrate than with another great Clifford Brown solo transcription.  It’s another one off the album Study In Brown.  What else can be said about this solo?  It’s a classic.  There’s a blazing 4-part harmonized version that Arturo Sandoval does that is certainly worth watching.  Enjoy!

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