Month: February 2013

Greg Skaff – Highway 54

Hello again – I’ve been working on tunes in odd meters, so below is a transcription of Greg Skaff’s tune “Highway 54” as played on the album “Blues For Mr. T”.  It’s a nice tune in 5/4 and you can hear it here.  I was going to post a transcription of Dave Holland’s tune Processional, which is another great tune in 5/4, but Dave Holland has lead sheets available on his website to download so it doesn’t seem right, but it’s a great tune to check out.

Peri’s Scope – Bill Evans’s solo transcription

Transcription of Bill Evans’s piano solo on “Peri’s Scope” from the album “Portrait in Jazz”.

Hear it at:

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Without A Trace – There Is No Greater Love contrafact

Below is a transcription of “Without a Trace” a contrafact of “There Is No Greater Love” written by Jerry Bergonzi, as played on the trio record “The Line Between” with Bruce Gertz and Bob Kaufman.

Hear a clip at:

Take The Coltrane – Robert Kraut’s Guitar Solo – F Blues

Transcription of Robert Kraut’s guitar solo on “Take the Coltrane”, an F blues tune, as played on Tony Monaco’s CD “Intimately Live at the 501.”

I couldn’t find a full version online, but it’s on Spotify at: