Month: February 2013

Trane’s Blues – Miles Davis’s Solo transcription

Transcription of Miles Davis’s solo on John Coltrane’s Bb Blues tune “Trane’s Blues” as played on “Workin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet”

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Channeling – Jerry Bergonzi Alone Together contrafact

This is a lead sheet to Jerry Bergonzi’s tune “Channeling” which is a contrafact to the jazz standard “Alone Together”.  I took this off Alex Riel’s CD “UnRiel” and you can hear the tune here.  Bergonzi has also recorded it on the album “Wiggy”.

Passion Dance – McCoy Tyner’s Solo

Transcription of McCoy Tyner’s solo on “Passion Dance” from the record “The Real McCoy”.

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The first version is Right Hand only

The second version contains the Left Hand part, also.  Most of the chords in the left hand are three-note voicings of stacked perfect fourths.  I only included the top note of the voicing, so the Left Hand part can be built by stacking two perfect fourths beneath the top note.

Blues By Five – Miles Davis’s Solo

Transcription of Miles Davis’s Solo on Red Garland’s Bb Blues Tune “Blues By Five” off the record “Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet”.  Fantastic album featuring Miles’s “first great quintet” of John Coltrane, Red Garland, Philly Joe Jones, and Paul Chambers.

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