Month: October 2013

Herbie Hancock – Embraceable You

Below is a rough transcription of Herbie Hancock’s solo performance of “Embraceable You” from his Gershwin tribute album Gershwin’s World.  With this transcription, I was more interested in the harmonic content of Herbie’s playing rather than an exact rhythmic transcription.  Plus, I feel that it is more legible in this rough form considering how freely Herbie is interpreting the pulse.  There is a ton of ridiculous harmonic stuff going on here, but I think my favorite is the movement from bars 1-2, going from G major to E flat minor (major 7th) – it’s just a beautiful sound.  See the video below – the fun starts at 1:02:43.

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Jerry Bergonzi – Small Pleasures – Days of Wine and Roses Contrafact

Below is a transcription of the Jerry Bergonzi tune “Small Pleasures” from the CD “The Line Between”.  The tune is a contrafact of the Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer tune “The Days of Wine and Roses”.


Hear the track at:

Jerry Bergonzi – Three Points Shot – In Your Own Sweet Way contrafact

Below is a transcription of the Jerry Bergonzi tune “Three Points Shot” off his trio record “Three Point Shot”.  The tune is a contrafact to the Dave Brubeck tune “In Your Own Sweet Way”.

Hear the track at:

Kenny Kirkland – Mr. J.C. Solo Transcription

Below is a transcription of Kenny Kirkland’s solo on “Mr. J.C.” from Kenny Kirkland’s 1991 self-titled release.  The entire CD is incredible, but Kenny’s solo is burnin.  My favorites – Measures 47-49, the sideslip to B Major in measure 53, and the superimposed 7 in bars 166-177.



Hear the tune at:


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Barry Harris Drop 2 Piano Exercises

Hello again,

Below is a transcription of excerpts from the Barry Harris Masterclass YouTube video (viewable below).  Mr. Harris uses some incredible Drop-2 voicings here and some beautiful contrary motion.

Here’s the video.  Behold the skill of the great Barry Harris:

I took my favorite parts from that transcription and put them through all 12 keys.  These are great exercises to develop new sounds in all keys and to workout some new Drop-2 voicings.