Black Nile – Kenny Kirkland’s Piano Solo

Hello again – below is a transcription of Kenny Kirkland’s piano solo on Wayne Shorter’s tune “Black Nile” as played on Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts’ 1993 trio album “Megawatts”.  It’s full of great Kenny-isms.  Bars 25-26 have a descending scalar pattern that Kenny was fond of, bar 34 and bar 142 have a diminished lick that Kenny tends to play, bar 46 has THE Kenny diminished lick, bar 60 has a 4ths-based shape that Kenny often played, bars 73-74 has a similar scalar pattern, only ascending instead of descending; the scalar pattern also appears in bars 119-123.  Enjoy!

PDF available on Box for download.

Check out my other Kenny Kirkland transcriptions!

Check out my other transcriptions!

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