I Should Care – Kenny Barron Piano Solo Transcriptions

Below is a transcription of Kenny Barron’s piano solo on “I Should Care” as played on the 1993 Kenny Barron album “Other Places”.  The solo starts about 2:15 into the track.  Enjoy!

PDF available on Box for download.

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  1. Lyrical felicitations, Corey,
    This is a wonderful transcription of “I Should Care,” and I have been looking for it for years. Kenny Barron’s improvisation is truly lyrical, fluid, and imaginative. You’re captured the quintessence of his solo.
    I hope that you might consider transcribing his solo from “For Heaven’s Sake” on the same CD, “Other Places.” It is amazing stuff, flights of melodic fancy and lyrical runs to take one to another level of pianistic artistry.
    Looking forward to your next scintillating transcription.
    And hoping for a little bit of “For Heaven’s Sake,” I remain sincerely & appreciatively,
    B.F. Phllipson (bfpbooks@comcast.net)

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