4-Note Minor ii-V-i Voicings

All the piano voicings posted so far have been for Major ii-V’s, so below are two different options for voicing minor ii-V-i’s with 4 notes, LH only.  Note that each progression resolves to a minor 6/9 chord instead of a minor 7th chord.  The reason for this is that minor 7th chords tend to act as a iimin7 chord, meaning it wants to resolve to a Dominant V7th chord (with the 7th of the iimin7 resolving to the 3rd of the V7 chord), rather than acting as a tonic resting place.  So in the case of a tune with a tonic minor (i.e. Blue Bossa, Recordame, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, etc.), you’ll want to use a min6/9 rather than a min7 chord.

The first version of the minor ii-V voicings has a natural 9th on the iimin7(b5) chord, which some people don’t like, but I love the rub of the sound – since the natural 9th of the ii chord is the Maj3 of the min i chord.

The second version of the minor ii-V voicings uses a rooted version of the iimin7(b5) chord, so the 9th isn’t a problem.  I think the first version has smoother voice leading and less jumping around, but to each his/her own.

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