Just Squeeze Me – Mulgrew Miller Solo Transcription

Hey all – it’s been too long once again.  Let’s see… I finished my Master’s Degree from MSU, had my first child (a son, Ellis), and got a job playing piano at the Detroit Airport five days a week.  So… if you’re headed to/through Detroit, come say hi!  But the real reason you’re here – to check out some Mulgrew Miller.  This is from the 2006 Delfeayo Marsalis album Minion’s Dominion on the standard “Just Squeeze Me.”  The neat thing about this tune is the key is mostly centered around F Major which gives the skilled improviser lots of room to play around in and out of the key, which Miller does adeptly.  He does a fair amount of superimposing new keys outside the standard harmony, which I tried to designate in the chord symbols, ex. G/F in measure 9, the sideslip to Abmin7 in bars 13, 23, and 54.  He also uses a lot of sequencing – check out bars 35-36, 39-40, and 45-46, and also check out the pentatonic idea he uses in measure 42.  Another thing I love about Mulgrew’s playing is the way he mixes complex harmonic substitutions in alongside really bluesy figures.  To grossly oversimplify, it’s a nice mixture of the “intellectual” and the “down home.”  People say similar things about Charlie Parker, which I guess would help explain my deep love of Parker’s music.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings.  Check out this solo – super bad.  The fun starts about 5:30 in.

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