Bird Feathers – Charlie Parker – solo transcription

Below is a transcription of Charlie Parker’s alto sax solo on the Bb blues tune “Bird Feathers.”  The embedded PDF is in concert pitch, but there is a Bb part and an Eb part on Scribd.  Enjoy!

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Kenny Kirkland – Mr. J.C. Solo Transcription

Below is a transcription of Kenny Kirkland’s solo on “Mr. J.C.” from Kenny Kirkland’s 1991 self-titled release.  The entire CD is incredible, but Kenny’s solo is burnin.  My favorites – Measures 47-49, the sideslip to B Major in measure 53, and the superimposed 7 in bars 166-177.



Hear the tune at:


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Take The Coltrane – Robert Kraut’s Guitar Solo – F Blues

Transcription of Robert Kraut’s guitar solo on “Take the Coltrane”, an F blues tune, as played on Tony Monaco’s CD “Intimately Live at the 501.”

I couldn’t find a full version online, but it’s on Spotify at:

Blues By Five – Miles Davis’s Solo

Transcription of Miles Davis’s Solo on Red Garland’s Bb Blues Tune “Blues By Five” off the record “Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet”.  Fantastic album featuring Miles’s “first great quintet” of John Coltrane, Red Garland, Philly Joe Jones, and Paul Chambers.

Hear it at: