Bud Powell

Bud Powell – Wail

Below are 2 different lead sheets for Bud Powell’s tune “Wail” off the album The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol 1.  One lead sheet contains the piano intro at the beginning,  but takes up 2 pages, and the other version doesn’t include the intro, but is only one page long.  So… here they are

With intro:

And without:

Bud Powell – Dance of the Infidels

Below is a lead sheet to Bud Powell’s tune “Dance of the Infidels” from the album The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1.  Quick note about the lead sheet – the last two bars of the tune are omitted during the solos -the tune is a 12-bar F blues with a few substitutions thrown in.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of this album – it contains some great Bud Powell tunes such as “Bouncin’ With Bud” and “Wail” (an E flat rhythm changes tune), and a ridiculous cover of “Parisian Thoroughfare.”