Clifford Brown

Cherokee – Clifford Brown’s solo

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, all!  What better way to celebrate than with another great Clifford Brown solo transcription.  It’s another one off the album Study In Brown.  What else can be said about this solo?  It’s a classic.  There’s a blazing 4-part harmonized version that Arturo Sandoval does that is certainly worth watching.  Enjoy!

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Sandu – Clifford Brown’s Trumpet Solo

Hello again.  I’ve been diggin’ Clifford lately.  Here’s a short solo from the great album Study In Brown on the Eb blues tune entitled “Sandu”.  It’s a classic – check it out.

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Joy Spring – Clifford Brown trumpet solo transcription

Hi all!  Welcome back to another semi-annual update.  Wish I could do this more often but I just need to find the time, I guess.   Oh, and I finally updated to a new version of Finale PrintMusic – still getting used to the new handwritten font.  I really liked the jazz font but this may turn out to be a little more legible.  Below is a transcription of Clifford Brown’s solo on “Joy Spring” from the fantastic album Clifford Brown and Max Roach.   Not sure why they used a picture of Miles on the video…  But anyway,  enjoy!

Check out my other Clifford Brown transcriptions!