Freddie Freeloader

Freddie Freeloader – Wynton Kelly’s piano solo w fingerings

Hello again, all.  Tonight I’m rehashing an old post by adding fingerings.  Of course, it’s probably best to find your own fingerings since everyone has different size/shaped hands, but if anything trips you up, here are some suggested fingerings.  You may notice that the fingerings are heavy on the 1/2/3 and light on the 4/5, since my fourth and fifth fingers are grossly underdeveloped.  Not enough Hanon, I suppose.  Anyway, here it is:

Freddie Freeloader – Wynton Kelly’s piano solo

This solo is near and dear to my heart – it’s the first solo I ever transcribed when I started learning jazz piano.  This is Wynton Kelly’s piano solo on the Miles Davis tune “Freddie Freeloader” from the incredible album Kind of Blue.  The tune is a Bb blues with a slightly different turnaround – it goes to an Ab7(#11) chord for the last 2 bars.  Enjoy!