Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard – Birdlike solo transcription

Below is a transcription of Freddie Hubbard’s trumpet solo on “Birdlike” as played on the 1961 Freddie Hubbard album “Ready For Freddie.”  Brian Lynch was talking about this solo at a masterclass a few weeks back, particularly about the value of taking the 2nd chorus through all 12 keys since it’s got so much language in it, so I thought I’d rip the solo.  I was struck by how often Freddie uses natural sevenths over dominant seventh chords – lots of E naturals on F7’s and A naturals on Bb7’s.  Enjoy!

The solo is also available in Bb here.

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Dolphin Dance – Freddie Hubbard’s solo transcription

Below is a transcription of Freddie Hubbard’s solo on “Dolphin Dance” off the brilliant Herbie album Maiden Voyage.  You can look forward to George Coleman and Herbie Hancock’s solos in the near future as well, should all go according to plan.  Well, ’nuff said – enjoy Freddie in all his brilliance.

Birdlike – Freddie Hubbard

Alright, one of these days I’m going to go through backlog and post a bunch of stuff.  But, alas, that day will not be today.  So, here’s a quick and dirty lead sheet to Freddie Hubbard’s tune “Birdlike” from his fantastic album Ready For Freddie.  The album also features Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, and Elvin Jones (among others) and is definitely a solid investment – hours of listening pleasure to be had there.

Freddie Hubbard – Dear John

Below is a lead sheet to the tune “Dear John” written by Freddie Hubbard off his album Bolivia.  The album isn’t my favorite, but it features some real heavy hitters – Cedar Walton and Vincent Herring – and also has the tune “Bolivia” on it (obviously).  It’s an original melody over the changes to John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”  The chords in the first two bars aren’t exactly right, and it’s driving me nuts… but this is the best I have right now.  Enjoy.

Freddie Hubbard – Body and Soul reharmonization

This is my transcription of Freddie Hubbard’s reharmonization of the tune “Body and Soul” off of his album Here To Stay.  This fantastic album also features Cedar Walton, Reggie Workman, Philly Joe Jones, and Wayne Shorter.  Where the chord changes differ significantly from the original (bars 2, 5, and the first 4 bars of the bridge), the melody as played by Freddie has been loosely transcribed.  Otherwise, the stock melody has been inserted, as my main purpose in transcribing the tune is for the chord changes.  I encourage you to check out Mulgrew Miller’s reharmonization of the tune from the album With Our Own Eyes for comparison purposes.  Enjoy!

Freddie Hubbard – Lament For Booker

This is my transcription of the beautiful Freddie Hubbard Ballad “Lament For Booker” off of the fantastic album Hub-Tones.  This great album features Herbie Hancock, Reggie Workman, James Spaulding, and Clifford Jarvis.

I apologize that the chord symbols are a little cramped in a few places, especially the second line.  My intention is to keep the lead sheet at 4 or 5-bar lines and to keep the sheet limited to one page, and sometimes this means the readability suffers.