Herbie Hancock

Round Midnight – Herbie Hancock Reharmonization (sketch)

It’s been too long again – I’ve been busy trying to finish my Master’s.  Almost there!  Below is a transcription of Herbie Hancock’s reharmonization of the Thelonious Monk composition “Round Midnight” from the 1986 film of the same name. It’s not an exact transcription – I was more concerned with Herbie’s harmony and the shapes of his lines than with the exact rhythms/notes.  I also left out the interlude between the head and Herbie’s solo. Enjoy!

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Herbie Hancock – Embraceable You

Below is a rough transcription of Herbie Hancock’s solo performance of “Embraceable You” from his Gershwin tribute album Gershwin’s World.  With this transcription, I was more interested in the harmonic content of Herbie’s playing rather than an exact rhythmic transcription.  Plus, I feel that it is more legible in this rough form considering how freely Herbie is interpreting the pulse.  There is a ton of ridiculous harmonic stuff going on here, but I think my favorite is the movement from bars 1-2, going from G major to E flat minor (major 7th) – it’s just a beautiful sound.  See the video below – the fun starts at 1:02:43.

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Dolphin Dance – Freddie Hubbard’s solo transcription

Below is a transcription of Freddie Hubbard’s solo on “Dolphin Dance” off the brilliant Herbie album Maiden Voyage.  You can look forward to George Coleman and Herbie Hancock’s solos in the near future as well, should all go according to plan.  Well, ’nuff said – enjoy Freddie in all his brilliance.

Freddie Hubbard – Lament For Booker

This is my transcription of the beautiful Freddie Hubbard Ballad “Lament For Booker” off of the fantastic album Hub-Tones.  This great album features Herbie Hancock, Reggie Workman, James Spaulding, and Clifford Jarvis.

I apologize that the chord symbols are a little cramped in a few places, especially the second line.  My intention is to keep the lead sheet at 4 or 5-bar lines and to keep the sheet limited to one page, and sometimes this means the readability suffers.