Mulgrew Miller

If I Were A Bell – Mulgrew Miller Solo Transcription

Below is a transcription of Mulgrew Miller’s piano solo on “If I Were A Bell” as played on the fantastic 2003 recording “Live at Yoshi’s, Vol 1”.

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Mulgrew Miller – Body and Soul Reharmonization

Below is my transcription of Mulgrew Miller’s reharmonization of Body and Soul.  The changes are taken from Mulgrew’s version of “Body and Soul” from the album With Our Own Eyes.  The melody as written is just the standard melody to the tune as this transcription was done for the purpose of learning the chord changes.  The major departure from the standard changes is in bars 5 and 6.  Note that these changes are very similar to Freddie Hubbard’s reharmonization from Freddie’s album “Here to Stay” – the major difference being the #5.  Also, the melody in bars 5 and 6 is written up an octave, for the sake of legibility, as the chords are easier to read in this register (at least they are in my opinion).

Wrong Together – Steve Swallow

This is my transcription of the beautiful Steve Swallow tune “Wrong Together” off the fantastic CD Real Book.  Some of the qualities of the seventh chords are a bit iffy, but that’s pretty much at your own discretion, anyway.  The formatting is also a bit odd, but what do you do with a 17-bar tune, right?  If you have a chance to pick up the album, do it.  I mean, look at that lineup – Steve Swallow, Tom Harrell, Mulgrew Miller, Joe Lovano and Jack DeJohnette.  Unreal.