Random Abstract

Yes Or No – Kenny Kirkland Solo Transcription

Below is a transcription of Kenny Kirkland’s piano solo on Wayne Shorter’s tune “Yes or No” from the great Branford Marsalis album Random Abstract.  This solo is full of great Kenny-isms.  Bars 27, 72, and 157 have a triad pair lick that Kenny was fond of, bar 35 has the diminished lick Kenny often played, and the solo is full of superimposed meters, which Kenny often did – check out the superimposed 6 over 4 in bars 43-47, 5 over 4 in bars 87-93 and 174-180, and 3 over 4 in bars 113-123 and 143-147.  Tons of great stuff in this solo.  Check out the whole track here.  Enjoy!

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