Rhythm Changes

Crazeology – Charlie Parker solo transcription

Below is a transcription of Charlie Parker’s alto saxophone solo on the rhythm changes tune “Crazeology”.  The embedded PDF is in Concert pitch, but there is also an Eb part and a Bb part up on Scribd.

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Dexterity – Charlie Parker’s Solo

Charlie Parker’s solo on the tune Dexterity (Bb Rhythm Changes) taken from disc two of the Boss Bird box set.  Enjoy!

View transcription in Bb.

View transcription in Eb

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Bud Powell – Wail

Below are 2 different lead sheets for Bud Powell’s tune “Wail” off the album The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol 1.  One lead sheet contains the piano intro at the beginning,  but takes up 2 pages, and the other version doesn’t include the intro, but is only one page long.  So… here they are

With intro:

And without: