McCoy Tyner

Passion Dance – McCoy Tyner’s Solo

Transcription of McCoy Tyner’s solo on “Passion Dance” from the record “The Real McCoy”.

Hear it at:

The first version is Right Hand only

The second version contains the Left Hand part, also.  Most of the chords in the left hand are three-note voicings of stacked perfect fourths.  I only included the top note of the voicing, so the Left Hand part can be built by stacking two perfect fourths beneath the top note.

Birdlike – Freddie Hubbard

Alright, one of these days I’m going to go through backlog and post a bunch of stuff.  But, alas, that day will not be today.  So, here’s a quick and dirty lead sheet to Freddie Hubbard’s tune “Birdlike” from his fantastic album Ready For Freddie.  The album also features Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, and Elvin Jones (among others) and is definitely a solid investment – hours of listening pleasure to be had there.

Duke Pearson – Minor League

Below is a lead sheet to Duke Pearson’s tune “Minor League” as played by Grant Green on his work of art album Solid.  It’s a C minor blues with an interesting melody – a lot of movement in fourths.  I cannot recommend this album enough – Grant Green with Joe Henderson on sax, McCoy Tyner on piano, and Elvin Jones on drums (among others) – you can’t go wrong.  Check it out!

Body and Soul – John Coltrane reharmonization

Below is my transcription of John Coltrane’s reharmonization of “Body and Soul” off the album Coltrane’s Sound.  Easily one of my favorite Coltrane albums, Coltrane’s Sound also features fantastic tunes like “26-2” (Trane changes over Charlie Parker’s tune “Confirmation”), “Satellite” (Trane changes over “How High The Moon”), “Equinox”, and the great ballad “Central Park West.”  In order to keep the lead sheet to 1 page, the tune stops at the end of the bridge – the last A section has the same changes as the first A, so I figure it’s redundant to include the last A section if it makes the lead sheet spill over into another page.